Rain Rain Go Away 

As I sit here, listening to the rain, I can’t help, but think about London and it’s beauty. The thunder is rolling in and all I can hear is, “pit, pat,pit,pat”. I can picture the beautiful streets as rain shines and the many people walking with umbrellas. My heart hurts for the country of England and its people. I can’t begin to express the gratitude and awe I feel when I remember the beauty of such a place.

Dear London, England,

One of my absolute favorite cities to ever have the privilege of visiting and seeing. Praying for your beautiful city! You will always have a special place in my heart. Stay strong 🇬🇧❤️👑 God bless you!

A Girl In Love With Wonders Of This World

Author: WhereTheBeautifulThingsGrow

Hi Y'all, Welcome to my blog "Where The Beautiful Things Grow". My name is Brittany. I am from a small country town in the great state of Texas. Homegrown I like to say. A southern belle at heart and my favorite sayings are "bless your heart and hey y'all." A place where sweet tea and fried pickles are a delecacy. Football is a way of life and family is our world. A place where we invite strangers to be family and enjoy our front porches. And a place where Jesus is King. Its a state of mind and I love every second of it. So again, I welcome you into my life from the inside out. You are now the stranger enjoying sweet tea on my front porch called life. I hope you enjoy seeing where all the beautiful things grow in my life!

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