Wim8ledon: Rewritten by the Goat 

19 Grand Slams and 8 Wimbledon titles. First man in history to win 8 Wimbledon titles. Can I just say, GOAT?!

Congrats to the GOAT 🐐 Thank you for bringing such class and dignity to the game of tennis and to our TVs for so many years.  You have brought so many countries and people together to watch such a game as this played on grass. Let me just say, grass has never looked so good!

I remember watching this guy when he first beat Sampras. I’ve always loved Sampras and I remember thinking if anyone is going to beat out Sampras, I’m good with it being this guy.

They call tennis a gentlemen’s sport. You have shown the picture perfect example of what it means to be a gentleman playing in a gentleman’s sport. Thank you for keeping this game alive for so many years! Congrats on #8 Rog! You deserve every bit of it. #wimbledon2017 #rewritten #8 #firstmaninhistory #GOAT #classact #swiss​


A Girl In Love With The Game

Author: WhereTheBeautifulThingsGrow

Hi Y'all, Welcome to my blog "Where The Beautiful Things Grow". My name is Brittany. I am from a small country town in the great state of Texas. Homegrown I like to say. A southern belle at heart and my favorite sayings are "bless your heart and hey y'all." A place where sweet tea and fried pickles are a delecacy. Football is a way of life and family is our world. A place where we invite strangers to be family and enjoy our front porches. And a place where Jesus is King. Its a state of mind and I love every second of it. So again, I welcome you into my life from the inside out. You are now the stranger enjoying sweet tea on my front porch called life. I hope you enjoy seeing where all the beautiful things grow in my life!

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