Simply Beautiful

Hi Loves! So I’ve been contemplating on the “perfect” picture to post the last few weeks as I’ve been trying to focus on this community and what I pray and hope it can become through the Lord. Then I realized today that the “perfect” picture doesn’t exist. No matter how much I or anyone else tries to take the most perfect picture ever, there will always be something about our pictures we don’t like.

So hi 👋 , my name is Brittany Nicole Briggs. I am the Founder and Creator of Crowned and Cultivated. If I wanted to, I could tell you that I literally look like I just got out of bed (I promise I changed my clothes and I’ve been out of bed since 9 this morning), my hair looks like a two year old did it, no makeup and my eyebrows haven’t been waxed in who knows how long. So it’s safe to say I probably looked like a homeless person in public today. This past month for me has been full of stress and trials. I feel like I’ve been in the same season forever and I’ve wondered why I’ve been stuck here. The truth is there’s beauty in simplicity and there’s beauty in waiting. I thought for the longest time, “surely God is done with this season in my life and it’s time to move on.” Y’all when God is done with a season He will make it clear. Our being done with a season isn’t always the same timing as God’s being done with a season. He has been refining who I am in Him. I’ve always been pretty confident, but sometimes the lies of the devil will creep in and tell me what “I’m not”. That’s the beauty of God’s love and grace. He shows us our identity in Him and gives us the strength and the faith to trust Him when we can’t quite see the unknown. There’s been a lot of unknowns in this last month, but the truth is Jesus is the one and true known and the only known I need. So no matter what tomorrow brings and no matter what the future holds, I know God is working in the midst of the lies the devil tries to put in front of me and insecurities I may feel or face. Wait in the season your in and find the beauty in it. God will refine those insecurities and imperfections you may see. He will cultivate them into something amazingly beautiful!

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