In Love With Places and People

The sounds, the accents, the smells, the nostalgia of the Eurocup and live music coming from a quaint, peaceful pub around the corner gave off a medley of different feelings that made me smile. The Union Jack and the Irish flag blowing in the breeze gave a feeling of wanderlust and an excitement we couldn’t contain.


Hey y’all,

Well we finally made it back to the great state of Texas. As happy as I am to be back home, my heart is still longing and missing the familiar smells of fish and chips and the sights of cobblestone streets with live Irish music playing from a pub down the road. The last ten days have been full of adventure, wanderlust, and so many memories. I don’t even know where to begin.

Day 1:

We arrived in Dublin, Ireland June 13th at 11 am Dublin time. One of the longest days of our life with traveling and trying to beat jet lag. Took a good 30 minutes to find our hostel. We stayed in the Temple Bar District and it happened to be right in the middle of Dublin’s night life. Let me tell you, it was hoppin. There were three or four pubs every corner with live music every night.

Day 2: Woke up around 9 am and walked to Dublin Castle.  This castle is still a working castle. Dublin holds their presidential elections in this castle.  After Dublin Castle, we walked to the Guinness Factory.  It was a seven story factory that happened to be in the shape of a massive pint. The Irish don’t play games when it comes to a “proper pint of Guinness”.


In the factory, we got to see how a proper pint was made, how to drink a proper pint and so on. I think my favorite part of the factory was the seventh floor. The seventh floor had a bar with a 360 degree panoramic view of Dublin City.  We then learned that Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease for the property of Guinness Factory. In the picture above you will see a copy of the signed 9,000 year lease. I also tried my first shot of Guinness. I was a little nervous. I’m not a big fan of beer so much to my surprise, I understood why the Irish liked their Guinness so much. It had a smoothe and creamy taste. I finally found a beer I could swallow down without holding my nose 🙂


Later that night we found TRINITY BAR. Trinity Bar was a quaint, quiet little pub we found on Dame Street. Little did we know that we would have the time of our lives. All we wanted was to find a pub where we could sit down and enjoy a soccer game (or what the Europeans call a “football game”). The Eurocup was going on the whole ten days we were there so it gave off a sense of competition and fun. We got to Trinity Bar around 6 and met our waiter Matteo. He was originally from Italy and let’s just say the cutest, most sweetest thing you ever did see. He taught us a few words in Italian and spent some time getting to know us and our crazy lives. Then came the Polish bartender. Lukasz was a mess. When he smiled you could see the mischievousness coming right through. He made the night fun, with his smart comments and crazy, fun personality. He invited us to stay longer for the live music that would start at ten. He kept telling us how great the music would be and that we should stay. Of course we were thinking he was exaggerating, but we decided we would stay and find out for ourselves. Have you ever seen or heard of the video called “damn Daniel”? I don’t normally like curse words, but this video is pretty funny. Let’s just say those two words perfectly describe the music of that night. I will explain. Daniel O’Sullivan was the name of the guy who sang live that night at Trinity Bar. Not only did “the damn Daniel” idea go well because his name was Daniel, but it also went along perfectly because he was that good. He was so down to earth and so cool. He went along to a joke we girls had going. My cousin thought he was the cutest thing, and said he had to sing at their wedding when they got married. He played along to the whole thing and introduced her as his fiancé. He played every song we requested and more. The people in Ireland are so welcoming and so nice. I mean we stayed at Trinity Bar for an hour and a half just talking to Daniel and some of the bar staff after it closed. I don’t know many places that will do that. Learned some popular Irish songs. Galway girl was a popular Irish song Daniel sang and will always be a song that reminds me of Ireland and the many memories/people we met in that beautiful place and time in life.


Daniel is AWESOME y’all. He is a great entertainer and has a great voice. If you’re ever in Dublin, make sure you go to Trinity Bar and stay for the live music. Daniel is worth the listen. He will not disappoint. He even remembered us a week later after we left for London and then went back to spend our last few days in Dublin. Within that week he met so many other people, but he still called my cousin his future wife 🙂 It was quite the laugh, but it made us smile.

A lot of my beautiful things are founded on my home roots of Jesus, family, friends, Texas and strangers who become family, but every now and then they can be found in small, quaint, nostalgic places around the world or in a specific song. Stay tuned to find out more 🙂

A Southern Galway Girl

Ps. Look up Daniel O’Sullivan Music 🙂